What we do

Carlton Brick is the UK’s leading independent brick making company. The company is based at Grimethorpe in South Yorkshire – the quarry, the factory and the Head Office are all to be found at the one location.

Bricks have been made at Carlton for at least 125 years, possibly longer. The clay shale measures make good quality, durable, deep red bricks which, in the old days, were used throughout the local area.

In modern times, manufacturing techniques enable a wide range of colours, hues, tones and textures to be made; and this means that the bricks are suitable for use in virtually all areas of the UK.

The bricks are suited to all types of construction project. Often used by homebuilding companies the bricks offer a perfect blend of colour type, high quality, and durability.

The small builder is equally suited to using bricks from Carlton. Builders Merchants throughout Britain stock the products and they are often used in smaller scale new builds as well as in the extension and maintenance market.

Carlton Brick make many 73mm (Imperial size) bricks, and these are especially suited to matching older brickwork from the first half of the 20th Century.

In total, Carlton Brick’s range comprises nearly 60 different combinations of colour, size and texture. The factory operates every day, all year long, and there are 70 personnel employed by the business.

The professional sales team at Carlton Brick numbers six and whether you are an Architect, a Builder, a Merchant, a Self-Builder, a Home-Owner; we are always delighted to hear from you!