CE Marking

View the CE Marking & Declaration of Performance information for our full range of Bricks by clicking the appropriate links below.

CE marking

65mm Bricks

65mm Bretton Dragwire

65mm Brodsworth Mixture

65mm Brown Dragwire

65mm Brown Rustic

65mm Brown Sandfaced

65mm Brushed Red

65mm Burnden Weathered

65mm Clayburn Civic

65mm Crigglestone Brown

65mm Crigglestone Ochre

65mm Crigglestone Red

65mm Crimson Dark Multi

65mm Crofton Blend

65mm Dales Red

65mm Eskdale Multi

65mm Felkirk Dragwire

65mm Flamborough Gold

65mm Heather Dragwire

65mm Heather Rustic

65mm Heather Sandfaced

65mm Kirkby Rustic

65mm Mapplewell Light

65mm Milltown Blend

65mm Moorland Dragwire

65mm Moorland Rustic

65mm Moorland Sandfaced

65mm Oldstock Antique

65mm Priory Mixture

65mm Red Dragwire

65mm Red Rustic

65mm Ridings Gold Antique

65mm Ridings Weathered

65mm Ripley Rustic

65mm Smooth Brown

65mm Weathered Red

65mm Wolds Autumn

65mm Wolds Minster

65mm Wolds Red

73mm Bricks

73mm Brown Sandfaced

73mm Burnden Weathered

73mm Civic Multi

73mm Clayburn Civic

73mm Engineering Type

73mm Flamborough Gold

73mm Gold Sandfaced

73mm Harvest Sandfaced

73mm Heather Rustic

73mm Heather Sandfaced

73mm Kirkby Rustic

73mm Milltown Blend

73mm Moorland Rustic

73mm Pinhole Burnden

73mm Pinhole Crofton Buff

73mm Pinhole Priory

73mm Pinhole Red

73mm Pink Sandfaced

73mm Priory Mixture

73mm Red Rustic

Special Shapes

Full information for all our special shaped bricks